Rescue Tip Board


Inflatable, stable rescueboard for water & ice rescue

rescue tipboard with seabob in action
rescue tipboard used for ice rescue

Rescue TIP-Board® is an inflatable rescueboard developed for swift, effective, efficient and safe water rescue operating

in lakes, floodwater, rivers and seas.


The Rescue TIP-BOARD is propelled through water with a maximum speed of 20km/h by the (separate) Rescue Seabob;

electric jetstream system that’s controlled by intelligent control Powergrips.

This device prevents Rescuers getting fatigue from swimming!

Rescue Tip-Board - (Europe patent nr: 12151152.1 – USA patent nr: US2012/0180218A1)

A brand new rescue device for buoyant rescue operations. Please contact us for further details of this unique device.